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How to safely open your office back up.

Updated: May 18, 2021

You have probably asked yourself, Okay, now that we are ready to go back to work, how do I open the office space and keep my employees safe? Relying on the old methods of cleaning isn't going to keep your employees safe. Below are some simple questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Is every touchpoint in the office sanitized?

2. Do we need to use harsh chemicals?

3. What schedule should our new sanitizing regimen take place?

4. Can we use our current staff to do this function?

These are some pretty common questions office managers ask themselves. Here are some points to consider.

1. Every touchpoint in the office needs to be thoroughly sanitized for the safety of your employees.

2. Harsh chemicals can get the job done but only at the cost of exposing your employees and the environment.

3. Your office should be sanitized daily to minimize the exposure of viruses and bacteria to your employees.

4. If you have a dedicated janitor with professional-grade equipment to perform these duties than yes you can use your current staff, otherwise you will want to hire a company that specializes in office sanitation make your office a safe place for your employees.

Tidy Clean is here to help, just request a free consultation.

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