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Why is a clean office important?

Updated: May 18, 2021

Maintaining a clean office might seem like a no-brainer, but why is it so important? A clean office is a direct representation of who a company is. It shows the company deeply cares about quality and satisfaction, which are among the top goals of any business. It's important to know the value cleaning adds to the workspace.

Reduces spread of illness

One of the most obvious reasons for cleaning an office is to reduce the risk of illnesses. Common objects in an office are hotspots for germs to build up on. Having a daily cleaning and disinfecting routine can greatly diminish the risk of illness spreading throughout the office. Not only will employees remain healthy and happy, there will also not be a loss of productivity in the business caused by many employee sick days.

Improves Safety

Seasonal changes often require extra cleaning time. Proper floor care and regular cleaning will minimize safety risks and prevent slip hazards. The use of commercial matting can trap soil and moisture before it hits your floors. This also saves on cleaning time and prevents unnecessary wear on your flooring.

Creates an inviting space

Your office should feel safe and inviting for employees and guests. By keeping your lobby area spotless and clean, you can ensure a good first impression will be made. Floors should be vacuumed daily and clear of debris. Other daily tasks should include trash removal, cleaning doors and windows, and spot cleaning walls, desks, and other surfaces. It's extremely important that restrooms are kept clean through daily maintenance.

A dirty restroom is something people will certainly take notice of and not be able to forget. Trash, odors, debris, and messes should be removed, dispensers should be refilled, mirrors and sinks should be cleaned and high touch areas are to be disinfected.

What impression is your facility making?

The way an office or facility looks is a direct reflection on the business. Don’t let a poorly maintained office space cause you to lose customers, affect the health and safety of your employees, and the overall image of your business. The folks at Tidy Clean are the right people for the job, they have the proper tools, and the correct products to make sure your facility is clean, shining, and inviting.

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